The SCCA is a volunteer organization. Our region is fortunate to have many dedicated members, however we are always looking for volunteers to help at events and on a regional level.

Region Participation

The Middle Georgia Region Board of Directors is comprised of the Regional Executive, Program Chairpersons, and Directors. The board holds quarterly meetings that are open to all region members. If you are interested in volunteering at the next level, speak with a regional officer at any Middle Georgia Region event or contact us online.

Event Participation

Putting on a RallyCross or Solo event requires many pieces to fall into place. Volunteers make sure events run efficiently. You do not have to be a regional officer to perform any of the following volunteer opportunities.

Course Design

After you have had a taste of driving a RallyCross or Solo course, you will may want to design your own. Course design involves understanding the safety rules set out in both the RallyCross and Solo rule books. Using this knowledge and having a creative mind you can design a fun and challenging course. Every course is checked by a Safety Steward before it is deemed safe for an event.

Safety Steward

Safety Stewards monitor the operations and safety of every RallyCross and Solo events. Becoming a Safety Steward is an easy process three step process. Once you have attended an event and are familiar with the safety rules, you take a short class given by an existing Safety Steward. Next, you observe and help an existing Safety Steward at two events. A Safety Steward then observes and helps you at two events. Once these steps are taken, a Safety Steward application is sent to the National Office. Safety Steward Licenses are good for three years.

Course Worker

Everyone who participates in a Middle Georgia event will help by being a course worker. If you are not assigned or volunteered for any other task, you will be a course worker. This involves spotting cones, calling in driver errors via radio to the timing station, resetting down cones, and flagging down cars when needed. Don’t worry, proper instruction will be given on how to perform these tasks at every event. You can also ask anyone from our region if you are unsure of what to do.

Timing and Scoring

Timing and Scoring keeps events moving and documents the results. Volunteers for these positions may be assigned to grid cars and position the starting car or operate the computer and timing system. Handling the grid and start are tasks reserved for seasoned course workers. Operating the computer and timing system requires general computer knowledge and training on the timing software and hardware. This training is done during events which have good participation. Let any regional officer know if you are interested in learning how to do these tasks.