Autocross Competition on Asphalt

Autocross, or Solo, is a timed driving competition performed on a paved surface. Competitors complete a single lap of a driving course designated by cones. Each lap is timed. The competitor with the fastest lap at the end of the day is the winner of the class their car is in.

Be Prepared for Autocross

Your First Event

Know what to expect at your first event.

Rule Book

Know the rules of SCCA Autocross.

Event Location

Know where we compete.

Season Points Series

Our Region combines the results of every event of the season into a Points Series. You will be automatically entered by competing in the minimum number of required events.

We Need Your Help

Henderson Stadium will be starting renovations on May 28. We will be unable to use the parking lot for our events until construction is completed. We do not have an estimated completion date at this time. We are currently searching for a new location to host Autocross. If you know where a large paved lot with minimal obstructions is located and have a connection or contact that could “get us in”, contact us with your suggestions.

View current and past season results.

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