RallyCross Points Series

Single Event Awards

Single event awards will be handed out at each event based on the number of participants in each class. 1st place for up to 1 or 2 competitors, 2nd place for 3 through 5 competitors, and 3rd place for more than 6 competitors.

An option is given to all award winning participants to receive either a single event award or a season series award. Participants who received individual event award will not be eligible for a season series award.

Season series awards allow the region to keep event costs down and provide participants with a way to remember their dedication through the previous year.

Fast Time of Day trophies and awards to not affect end of year award eligibility.

Season Series Awards

A RallyCross season consists of 8 to 11 events. Participants must compete in a minimum of 5 events in a single class to qualify for series championship.

Points will only be awarded in the class in which the participant competes. Participants must meet the minimum event requirement in a single class. Points accumulated from a single class will count towards the season championship.

The number of points awarded to each finishing position are shown in the Season Series Points table.

End of year awards will be awarded for each class with eligible competitors meeting the minimum event requirement, regardless of the number of entrants for the year. The number of awards per class will be determined by the total number of eligible competitors in each class.

Ties will be decided by the number of class wins during the entire season, further ties will be decided by second place and subsequent place finishes until a tie is broken, ties remaining will be declared co-champions.

Novice events do not count toward the minimum event requirement.

Season Series Points

Pos – Pts
1st – 25
2nd – 18
3rd – 15
4th – 12
5th – 10
6th – 8
7th – 6
8th – 4
9th – 2
10th – 1