Join the SCCA

What is the SCCA?

The Sports Car Club of America, or SCCA, is a nationwide organization comprised of 115 Regions. The SCCA makes grassroots motor sports available to everyone. Members and non-members can compete in a variety of automobile based racing events.

Why join the SCCA?

Becoming a member of the SCCA provides you discounts on events costs to consumer products and services. Some of the benefits you can receive are…

  • A subscription to SportsCar® Magazine, the official monthly magazine publication of the SCCA.
  • Discounts from a variety of retailers including on automotive products, consumer products/gifts, food, personal services, publications and travel.
  • Discounts on entry fees to almost all regional SCCA events.
  • Event insurance which protects participants who are injured at any SCCA event with $1 million medical expense policy.
  • The opportunity to compete in Divisional and National level SCCA events.
  • The opportunity to hold a competition and volunteer license.
  • Vote in SCCA elections and serve on regional, divisional, and national committees.

If you feel like you are going to make Solo or RallyCross a habit, you will benefit financially by joining.

Join the Middle Georgia Region SCCA

There are 3 ways to join the SCCA. Click here to join as either a young racer, an individual, or a family. Be sure to select Region 91, the Middle Georgia Region. If you do not choose our region, you will be automatically enrolled to the region where you are geographically located. You do not have to be a member of our region to participate in any of our events.

New members can receive a $15 discount by participating in a local event. Get a Weekend Membership and Member Referral number your first Middle Georgia Region RallyCross or Solo event.

Solo Bonus: If you join the SCCA as a member of the Middle Georgia Region we give you a $25 entry to your first autocross as member. Please notify a region official at your first event in case we miss your name on our monthly report.

Military Discount

$35.00 off of regular price